As PoPI draws near, companies are scrambling to be compliant

The Protection of Personal Information (PoPI) has over the last year or so become a hot topic of discussion for companies that deal with sensitive personal information.

South Africa’s PoPI Act will essentially govern how personal data can be collected, but most importantly it will dictate how it is stored and for how long. It also gives individuals a way to control the collection and sharing of their data.

As the implementation of the act and the appointment of a Regulator draws near, companies have been gearing up to make sure that they are compliant as soon as it kicks off.

To this effect, California-based cloud-managed PC and mobile device encryption company Beachhead Solutions revealed that it has seen a 288% percent increase in its licensing of the company’s SimplySecure platform in South Africa.

“This near tripling of licenses in the past twelve months comes as businesses seek to improve their device security posture ahead of South Africa’s Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI) commencement and the appointment of a Regulator,” the company explained.

The increase in the use of its software has also spurred the company on to appoint two African distributors and a pan-IMEA distributor, alongside a network of 28 MSP and IT reseller partners that spans South Africa, Namibia, Lesotho, Mauritius, Kenya, and the UAE.

“While POPI enforcement will not begin until an official government regulator is in place, recent developments toward that appointment have driven businesses to accelerate their preparations to comply with the law,” it said.

It is expected that a PoPI Regulator will be appointed before the end of the year, as a shortlist of candidates have been finalised and interviews and workshops have already started.


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