Be a champ and just 3D print yourself a 2016 Olympics Rio medal

For many people around the world the idea of winning a medal from the Olympics is either an impossible dream or a life-long endeavour filled with sacrifice and struggle.

Luckily, you can skirt all of that and just 3D print one.

The good folks over at 3DBrooklyn have made the dream real for all of us by creating a free STL file you can download and 3D print off of Cults 3D.

Looking at the finished models shown off by 3DBrooklyn  and the official images from the organisers themselves, and you can see that a good job was done here. Dare we say it: it’s pure gold (you’re fired – ed.).

Olympic Games Rio 2016 Medals 3D Print Olympics Comparison

Unfortunately this isn’t a perfect replica. For a start, it’s not made of any precious metals and if you look at the 360° view of the model you’ll see two glaring problems; the back is completely blank, leaving out the details that are supposed to be there, and it comes with an ugly extension that you can attach a ribbon to.

If you want an even more convincing fake, you could cast them in a metal of your choice or just use some metallic paint.

Other interesting 3D prints you can get for free:



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