FlySafair’s #WaydevanNiekerk ticket sale came and went in a blink 

FlySafair is becoming famous for its ridiculously cheap tickets, the latest drawing from local Olympian, Wayde van Niekerk’s world record-breaking performance.

At 2am South African time today, van Niekerk won and broke a 17-year-old record in the men’s 400m at the Rio Olympics. The athlete set a new world record of 43.03 seconds.

Earlier today, FlySafair announced it was selling 400 tickets at R43.03 to celebrate the win.

As always, South Africans made a dash to book try and book their tickets online (see what we did there!).

And as we’ve come to see with the FlySafair dirt-cheap ticket sales, the airline’s site experienced a number of issues as people traffic flooded to the site.

By 1:45pm, under three hours after the announcement, all tickets had been sold out.

You’ve got to give it to the FlySafair marketing/PR team for the promo, but we think they really need to get their servers in order for the next time they do this.


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