FNB launches its own mobile phone and Unlimited Calls package

First National Bank is no stranger to pairing its banking operations with the latest technology, but today in Cape Town it made another leap forward in securing its spot as the country’s foremost tech-driven banking institution.

At the company’s Portside office, the bank announced that it will be launching its own FNB-branded mobile phone. According to the FNB, it is the first bank to do so.

The company will be releasing a phone it calls the ConeXis, which comes with a number of FNB apps pre-installed and has the FNB logo on its start-up screen. The phone also comes with an FNB SIM card already installed.


For FNB customers, the phones will be made available as part of a contact package, and will see the ConeXis X1 costing R150 for a 24 month contract. The ConeXis A1 coming in at R59 for 24 months. The network backbone for the phone and SIM card is Cell C.

New FNB phone, new package

The phone is made by Chinese manufacturer ZTE, but to further stand the FNB brand on it, the chime that plays when the phone is switched on is the FNB jingle.


In terms of specification, the X1 has a 5.2 HD IPS screen, LTE connectivity, a 8MP back camera and a 5MP front camera. For the insides, it runs of Android Marshmallow, a Qualcomm Quad Core 1.3GHz CPU, has 8GB of RAM, and a 2540 mAh battery.

The bank said that the phones will be available from this Friday at over 300 branches. The idea behind it is that FNB customers wouldn’t have to take bank statements along as it is already with the bank, and that customers can simply walk in, apply for the phone and walk out with the device and a SIM card.

“For FNB, mobile banking is more than just having the best banking app. For us, true mobile banking is enabling customers to bank anywhere, anytime using smartphone technology at very affordable prices for our customers,” said Jan Kleynhans, CEO of the FNB Consumer Segment.

The lower-priced A1 is aimed that those who have an Easy bank account, and it comes with 15 minutes airtime and 50MB of data included. The higher priced X1 is aimed at Gold and Premium accounts, and with 25 minutes and 100MB of data included.


Unlimited calls

In addition to the new phone packages from the X1 and A1, the bank also launched FNB Connect Unlimited Calls. According to the bank, this allows subscribers to make unlimited local calls to any network for only R399 per month. The new Unlimited Calls offer can be taken up together with the FNB ConeXis smartphone deal or any other branded mobile phone.

The Unlimited offer will be made available from tomorrow.

“Not only will customers save time and money on their everyday banking, they will also save on other expenses such as their cellular spend through our market leading prices on data and voice. At the end of the day, we understand that every cent counts, and we are committed to continuing to help our customers on the mobile banking journey,” Kleynhans added.

Details on the offer

  • The Unlimited offer is a month-to-month offer available on both pre and postpaid
  • The package will allow customers to make unlimited calls to any network (excluding international and premium calls)
  • Customers will also receive 200MB and 20 SMS’s monthly
  • Customers will not earn eBucks on the voice subscription. But they will earn eBucks on any additional data and SMS spend.



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