Complete your Pick n Pay Super Animals scan collection for free

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Please note: this article only applies to the 2016 campaign. See this new story for the 2017 scans of Super Animals 2.

Original story as follows

Pick n Pay recently launched its Super Animals campaign, an in-store promotion where spending R150 will get you four random trading cards featuring various animals.

What you may not know is that the Super Animals campaign features an augmented reality (AR) app, which you can use to scan the cards. You can use it to read facts about the animals, see that creature superimposed in the real world and you can tap on them to hear what they sound like. In the case of The Big Five, they’re also fully 3D modelled and animated, and you can interact with them.

Now, ordinarily, to get all the scans you’ll either need to own all the cards or go through the trouble of tracking them all down to scan them. Well, not anymore.

One of the accessories you can buy from Pick n Pay is a collector’s album for R20. Along with a lot of cool stuff that’s packed inside, there’s a main spread featuring all 108 cards in the collection. If you open the Super Animals app and point your phone at the images of the cards on the page, you can scan them right there.

To save you the trouble we’ve got a digital version of those pages below. Click the images to enlarge and you can scan away. Don’t worry that the images are quite blurry; we’ve confirmed on our end that they scan just fine regardless.

Pick n Pay Super Animals Spread 2 Pick n Pay Super Animals Spread 1

You’re welcome!

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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