Africa’s LGBT community gets its own VOD service

South Africa has managed another first in the Video On Demand (VOD) field this weekend.

PrideTV switched on its servers to become South Africa’s first LGBT VOD channel. The channel is geared towards telling stories of from Africa’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.

“Traditional TV channels have historically offered only small smatterings of one-dimensional LGBT content that ironically reinforces stereotypes instead of shattering them,”explained Joanne Raphael Katz, Pride TV Content Manager. “PrideTV reverses the trend to restrict access to LGBT themes by South African and African broadcasters.”

The channel explained that the local LGBT community has been left with no other alternatives after the Out in Africa Gay and Lesbian Film Festival came to a halt.

“PrideTV provides South Africa, and the rest of Sub-Saharan Africa, with an affordable and growing library of LGBT movies and series.  PrideTV is riding the wave of new VOD online services that are revolutionising the entertainment world,” it said.

PrideTV costs R79 a month (or R790 for 12 months, which includes two months free) and viewers subscribe by visiting If you don’t want to go that route, you tack the subscriber fee onto your mobile phone bill.

“We believe that there is a gap in the market. It’s about time that the neglected LGBT community has a voice, with content that spans all the issues that people can relate to. Not to mention the entertainment value that we are offering. We know that LGBT people are early adopters of technology so we’re confident that they will join the online streaming revolution. The best part is that we can reach anyone in Sub-Saharan Africa,” Katz explained.

At launch PrideTV has over 200 titles, but the channel promises that more titles will be added on a regular basis.

“We want to create not just a movie site but also a lifestyle site for the LGBT community that works with and supports the community,” added Alicia Antill Marketing Media Officer for Pride TV.

[Image – CC by 2.0/Michael Kazarnowicz]


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