Map Monday: 20 African countries who’ve never won an #Olympic medals since 1896

With the #Rio2016 Olympics in full swing in Brazil, most of us already know that Chinese athletes will again dominate the medals tally, as they’ve been over the last few Games.

But which country has won the most medals since the modern Games’ inception 120 years ago?

Well, theoretically speaking, that honour belongs to the US, followed by the UK.

But, strictly speaking, when looking at each countries’ populations, Finland tops the list with 55.8 medals per million people, while the US doesn’t even feature on the top ten.

It’s also important to consider the lack of diversity in countries represented in the Olympics’ earlier decades and the number of athletes each country has sent to participate.

The interactive map below, created by The Telegraph, tallies medals won by each country.

South Africa has won 76 medals at the Summer Olympics.

The following 75 countries, including Lesotho and Swaziland, have all sent athletes to the Games, but have never recorded a single medal to date.

Winter Olympics

The Winter Games see fewer participants because not all countries, particularly those with hot climates, have any official national winter sport teams.

Africa, South America and most southern Asian countries, have never taken part in the Winter Olympics, so the medal leaderboard is very skewed towards North America and northern Europe.

[Image – Source – The Telegraph]


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