Captain America: Civil War now available on DVD/Blu-ray locally

Captain America: Civil War, is finally out on DVD and Blu-ray and you can buy it South Africa right now.

Looking at local online retailers Takealot and Raru, both stores have the items in stock and available for purchase. We also checked out Loot, but they only have it available for preorder. Maybe they haven’t woken up yet, it is pretty early in the morning.

Here are the versions out there and how much they cost:

If you want to see why we’re so excited for this, check out our review of Captain America: Civil War. It’s possibly our favourite superhero film from this year (unless you’re our hardware reviewer Brendyn Lotz, who hated it!)

If you like the story line but not the movie, we also looked into that and how we guessed that the movie and comic book would be wildly different and why that’s okay. Spoilers: we were right on the money.

To end off we want to point in the direction of the YouTube channel Every Frame a Painting which recently took  closer look into the music behind the Marvel Cinematic Universe and why it isn’t as memorable as other massive franchises such as Star Wars, Harry Potter and James Bond, despite it making more money than any of them.

It also shows off how many new movies crib scores from other titles and then hire musicians to create copies of music, as long as they fall within the law.

Don’t worry, it’s not a snooty, pretentious look at film making, it’s informative and entertaining to watch.


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