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Parly committee wants #DataMustFall to be debated in National Assembly

After two days of hearing presentations on #DataMustFall, Parliament’s Portfolio Committee on Telecommunications and Postal Services has said it will appeal for the matter to be debated in the National Assembly.

The committee heard presentations from the likes of Tbo Touch, Right2Know Campaign and the Alliance for Affordable Internet, among others, on Tuesday and Wednesday, on why the costs of data and airtime in South Africa should be reduced.

The committee said in a statement that it is satisfied with the quality of participation from all stakeholder and that it will deliberate on the submissions made and draft a report, hoping that all parties will support it.

“The committee will further appeal to the [parliament’s] Whipery and the Presiding Officers to have this matter debated in the National Assembly,” said committee chairperson,” Mmamoloko Kubayi.

“The aim of the public hearing was to empower the committee with practical and reliable information so that it can conduct effective oversight and make decisions that are informed by real situation with regard to the subject matter,” the committee said.

Kubayi acknowledged that majority of stakeholders presented evidence that painted South Africa as one of the few countries globally burdened with excessive costs to communicate.

“The information we gathered over the past two days will be captured in our report and will go a long way in capacitating[sic] all of us,” Kubayi added.


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