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Over 50% Gauteng 2017 grades 1s and 8s yet to be placed in schools

The Gauteng Department of Education managed to place 104 266 children in grades one and eight through its online Admissions process, but more than 123 000 are yet to secure a school for next year.

The department announced today in its update on the placement of learners through the Admissions site who had applied by the 1st June deadline.

The placement period commenced on 24th June and closed on 7th September.

During this time, 64 227 Grade ones and 40 039 Grade eights were placed, while 123 914 pupils have not yet been placed. The department said these remaining children will be placed by 30th September.

The reasons why so many children have not yet been placed range from parents not yet confirming offers from the department to place their kids in certain schools, depending on their applications and others needing to resolve issues with offers received.

“We strongly encourage parents to confirm offers as soon as they receive SMS from schools. This will assist in accelerating the placement process,” the department said.

Parents who are not content with the offers of placement provided, may object to the District Directors by completing an Objection Form obtainable from the school or District Office.

Parents who are still dissatisfied are advised to complete an Appeal Form and submit it for the MEC’s consideration.


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