Tickets for rAge are on sale, and they’ll cost you more than last year

The rAge expo, South Africa’s biggest games convention and celebration of everything geek, has begun selling tickets for the 2016 expo.

You’ll be paying R120 for a single day ticket for Friday, Saturday or Sunday, with a weekend pass selling for R300.

If you’re planning on attending all three days, the weekend pass will save you R60. If you’re only going for one or two days, stick to the single-day tickets.

The tickets are available to buy right now on the TicketPro site.

We’re sure you’ve noticed that these prices are more expensive than they were in 2015, when a day pass cost R100 and R250 got you in for the entire weekend. It’s not entirely surprising as those prices were also increased over 2014’s, and of course the past year hasn’t been the greatest for the SA economy, so naturally (if annoyingly), prices are up.

2016’s expo will be taking place from the 7th to the 9th of October.

If you missed out on the 2015 expo completely and you’d like a reminder of what happened, check out our coverage from last year:



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