Hlaudi Motsoeneng

DA: Hlaudi offers SABC employees R10K “sweetener”

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When Hlaudi Motsoeneng momentarily disappears from the public eye, you know he’s up to something.

This time, it’s being alleged that he has offered SABC employees “bonuses” to gain their favour.

According to the DA, which says it has been reliably informed, Motsoeneng said to staff yesterday that he’d found a sweetner deal for them.

“I have found a sweetener for you, Hlaudi has found an extra R10 000 for you,” he reportedly said in his usual third-person style.

“The payment of R10 000 will be to all staff excluding middle, senior and top management (scale code 300 and below) and is said to amount to R32 million, and would require board approval,” DA spokersperson, Phumzile van Damme said in a statement.

“It is quite clear that this “sweetener deal” is nothing but an attempt for Motsoeneng to get SABC staff on his side as a last ditch attempt to save his hide. Mostsoeneng should be nowhere near the SABC; never mind looting its coffers and further adding to the public broadcaster’s losses of close to half a billion last financial year,” she added.

The DA said it will be submitting parliamentary questions to ascertain which budget the money comes from and who approved it, especially given the fact that the SABC is absolutely in no position to be dishing out money so recklessly after reporting a R411 million revenue loss this year.

“I will also write to the Chairperson of the Portfolio Committee on Communications requesting that all legal matters be expedited so that the parliamentary inquiry into the SABC can begin in earnest,’ van Damme said, adding that the DA is determined to see Motsoeneng and the current SABC board gone.