Google’s Daydream VR wants to stick it to Samsung

The Virtual Reality (VR) space is truly heating up, as there seems to be more headsets out there than content for them. But that didn’t stop Google from unveiling its Daydream VR platform last night.

The set is essentially a much better-looking and more comfortable version of its DIY Cardboard headset, and we have to say, it really does look incredibly snazzy.

Best part of it all, is that it only cost $79. That might seem like a lot to many people (especially since Cardboard can be made for free), but it is a heck of a lot cheaper than other options in the same class – like Samsung’s Gear VR.

“Unlike the Google Cardboard viewer, they are designed for extended use. Instead of a trigger button, users interact with VR applications using the Daydream controller,” Google said.

The controller is a tiny remote with two buttons on it. But don’t let size fool you, as it will be able to track its own rotation and orientation with pretty decent accuracy.

The two buttons in turn are labeled ‘App’ and ‘Home’ and are pretty self-explanatory. The ‘App’ button activates apps and the ‘Home’ button is reserved for system use.

The headset, naturally, has been designed to be used with mobile phones (just like Cardboard) but at this point Google only lists one mobile device that is compatible – its very own Pixel phone. We are sure that a host of others are also compatible as long as they conform to the size restrictions.

“Daydream-ready phones are built for VR with high-resolution displays, ultra smooth graphics and high-fidelity sensors for precise head tracking. They’re powered by the new Android 7.0 Nougat,” Google said.

The headset weighs only 220 grams and is made from foam and soft fabric, with a hinged plastic panel where you place an Android phone.


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