Itty bitty 3D printed axe from Destiny: Rise of Iron

While 1:1 scale 3D printed props are what we usually like to feature on this site, we still like to give a nod to the little guys now and again, especially one as cute as this axe from Destiny.

This Saladin Forge’s battle axe that has a starring role in Destiny: Rise of Iron. The funny part about this scale model is the giant size of the real thing. And, yes, we do mean real, because Sword and Stone created one out of metal.

But, back to this design which was created by Kirby Downey and uploaded for free to MyMiniFactory. There’s no measurements included but, looking at the pictures, and it seems to be about the length of a forearm.

Downey states in the description that this was created as part of an “influencer marketing campaign” and that he was commissioned by Activision and Bungie. Despite this the files are still free for anyone to get and you can do so without being an “infuencer”.

Now the real question is this: when will someone take this design and blow it up to real size? Desk toys are fine and all, but we like something you can really smite people with.

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