Local release date of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 confirmed

After what could be described as an explosive troubled launch, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is set to arrive in South Africa on 11th November.

The local launch of the handset was originally slated for 1st September. The release was pushed back a few weeks due to the overwhelming demand for the handset in other parts of the world.

“The overwhelming global demand for the new and improved Galaxy Note7 resulted in a flood of orders,” Samsung South Africa’s director of integrated mobility, Craige Fleischer, said at the time.

As a result of this demand, the release of the handset was then pushed to 23rd September.

Then, on 2nd September reports came in thick and fast that some Galaxy Note 7’s were catching fire. To its credit, Samsung was quick to respond and a recall of all Note 7 smartphones was put into action.

Now, a full month after its original release date and a fiery recall, the handset will be coming to South Africa.

“Consumers will be able to purchase the new Galaxy Note7 on 11 November in South Africa. These devices are completely safe to use and present no battery cell issues,” said Fleischer in a statement.

A matter of trust

Just in case you are worried that these handsets aren’t safe, Samsung has implemented two ways for users to know they’re getting a Note 7 that won’t spontaneously combust. The first is a green battery icon that will be visible in the status bar, the always on display and the “Power Off” prompt screen. Additionally users can look on the box for a “square symbol”. We’ve asked Samsung for a visual of this symbol so you know what to look for.

The battery icon will serve as a sign of safety, hopefully.
The battery icon will serve as a sign of safety, hopefully.

Update 06/10

Samsung has sent us the “square symbol” you need to look out for on the Note 7’s packaging. What you want to see is a symbol like the one below.


Local pricing is yet to be confirmed but with the release just over a month away we expect to get news of that soon.

[Source – Samsung]


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