Man makes DIY breathalyser, houses it in 3D printed beer mug

In the world of DIY many projects exist for no other reason than “because they can”.

So while you may never have considered it a necessity to check your levels of intoxication in the comfort of your own home, now you can because someone has just built a homemade breathalyser.

Created by Dave Clarke (the same person who brought us the cheap 3D scanner and Plants vs. Zombies Sunflower), this project was uploaded with a tutorial to

Clarke said the inspiration behind the project was that he “wanted to create a Breathalyzer that could tell me how much I had drunk, whether or not I was safe to drive, pinging the values to my Phone and then subsequently the cloud.”. He also wanted to experiment with the NXP Hexiwear maker board and mbed OS 5.

The simple plan was to hook up an Alcohol Click module to the Hexiwear and put it in a fancy enclosure.

If that sounds like a simple process, it wasn’t; Clarke faced various problems from sending data over Bluetooth to the app, to creating the app itself to images on the Hexiwear’s screen.

At the end of all his hard work, we are left with the “iBreathe Breathalyzer”. If you want to learn more about the device, check out the full tutorialEven if you have no intention of making one, it’s still a very interesting read.




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