PIX-E is a Raspberry Pi camera that only captures gifs

While you could easily create a gif using a video converter or an app, where’s the fun in that? What about a camera based around a Raspberry Pi that “recall(s) those days when disposable cameras were a thing”?

That’s the inspiration for the PIX-E from the mouth of its creator, Nick Brewer, who created it for World Maker Faire 2016.

At its heart the PIX-E is a Raspberry Pi Zero hooked up to a camera module, battery and some other electronics, all jammed in a custom 3D printed housing.

Just point it at your subject, press the bottom and it will save a gif to its internal SD card. Here’s one of them now:

Aside from the niche factor here, a great part about this project is its potential for customisation. Brewer states at the outset that the PIX-E is “designed to be modified”. His suggestions for changes include different bodies, gif lengths, exposures and uploading the gif straight to Twitter.

Unlike other “throwback”, speciality cameras such as the Polaroid Socialmatic, the PIX-E is not a retail product you can buy. Instead, you’ll have to make one yourself.

Brewer has been kind enough to include a very detailed guide on how he made the camera over on Follow the steps and links provided and you’ll be able to make one if you have a bit of a tinkerer’s background. Alternatively, we wouldn’t be surprised if we see this on Etsy in a week or two.

Finally, let’s end off with a picture or two of the guts of the PIX-E: guide to making your own PIX-E camera



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