Samsung to halt production of Galaxy Note 7 says Korean news agency

The disastrous release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has just got worse.

The Yonhap News Agency in Korean reported late on Sunday evening that Samsung would temporarily suspend production of Galaxy Note 7 smartphone.

This comes after a report from an official at a supplier for the Korean manufacturer. The suspension of production has not yet been confirmed by Samsung. There is however cause for concern even if Samsung hasn’t said anything just yet.

Last week a Note 7 began smoking on a South West Airline flight according to a report by CNBC. Two mobile network operators have also shown signs that there might be a problem with the Note 7. AT&T announced yesterday that it would stop issuing replacements and T-Mobile US has stopped selling the handset pending a Samsung investigation into “multiple reports of issues”.

Will South Africa ever see a Note 7?

Following the global recall of some 2.5 million handsets, the local release of the handset was pushed back. The Galaxy Note 7 was originally given a 2nd September launch date but that was then shifted by three weeks due to “overwhelming global demand”.

Following initial reports that Note 7 handsets were catching fire, the local release of the handset was moved to November.

We’ve seen multiple reports that suggest as many as five replacement Note 7s have caught fire in the last week. We’ve requested comment from Samsung South Africa on this matter and what a production halt would mean for South Africans.

By time of writing the firm had not responded to our request but we will update this story when it does.



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