Adam Jensen from Deus Ex did ask for this 3D printed bust

Batman impersonator and protagonist of the two most recent Deus Ex games, Adam Jensen, has been turned into a 3D printed bust to grace your near future home.

Created by Tom Davis and uploaded to MyMiniFactory where you can download it for free, the bust is described as a stylisation but it looks pretty close to the in-game design. The grimace may be a bit much though, we don’t recall the stoic Jensen being quite so angry when we played through Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

The bust also features some of Jensen’s upper body armour and it is detailed all the way around.

Even though the 3D printer needed to create one of these busts is suitably Deus Ex in its tech, we think it would be a shame not to attach something electronic to this work of art. We suggest editing the files so the glasses will open and close in response to a light sensor hidden somewhere in the print. By the way, someone has already hacked together a working prototype of those.


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