Princess Hilda’s Arduino LED staff from The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

Today’s feature maker project is a rather simple one that adds a lot of life to a Legend of Zelda cosplay.

It focuses on the character Princess Hilda from The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. More specifically: her staff. user “Amie D.D.” from Dallas, Texas is to thank for this project. They modelled and then 3D printed parts of the staff, and filled them with Neopixel LEDs and Arduino Gemmas to control the lighting. A 150mAh battery powers the project and you have a lit up staff for a convincing cosplay.

While not the most complex project, it’s a nice showcase of how a little maker knowledge can be applied to enhance an existing project.  If you’d like to see a showcase of how this was made, make sure to check out the page for the project.

The Legend of Zelda has an active maker community behind it, and you can find stuff like 3D prints of the Master Sword, HookshotHyrule Shield and more if you know what to Google.

With a new Zelda game coming out in the form of Breath of Wind for the Nintendo Switch, you can bet more projects will be created by the community. We recently saw this happen with Titanfall 2, and that has a tiny fanbase compared to the Zelda franchise. Titanfall themed 3D prints, custom LEGO models and even functioning, futuristic helmets have popped up recently.

Finally, this project was completed for the uploader’s birthday at the National Video Game Museum. Check out a picture of the event below.


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