You can 3D print this creepily realistic Isaac from The Binding of Isaac

With two new expansions – one official and one fan made – we’ve once again fallen into a The Binding of Isaac hole, which makes it the perfect time to revisit a 3D print based on the game.

It’s none other than the starting character and titular crying boy, Isaac. This figurine was designed by Ricardo Salomao, the maker who has also brought us 3D prints of Paine’s sword from Final Fantasy X-2 and a Donald Trump action figure (that was back when we all thought he’d never be president).

This figurine comes with a detachable base and, before we get to the gallery or give you the link to download it, we must say that this design is a little on the “uncomfortable to look at” side. We don’t know if it’s s matter of The Binding of Isaac’s 2D art style not translating well to a third dimension, or the fact that Isaac is a cartoon naked child. Either way, it’s unsettling.

If you want your very own Isaac to  keep you awake at night, the files to 3D print him are available for free on MyMiniFactory.

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