Gear of the Year Awards – ADSL and Fibre Providers

There are few technologies as important as those that connect us to the internet, and 2016 saw a massive spike in the number of fibre services on offer, and a drop in ADSL access costs. Here are the service providers our readers chose as their favourite of the year, based on value, customer service and of course reliability and speed.



Wow. Afrihost blew the competition away by such a huge margin that it’s almost embarrassing. Over 30% of our readers voted for Gian Visser and the gang, leaving all other contenders staring at their figurative tail lights as they won the race to end-users’ hearts (and wallets).

Even though it’s absolutely massive and offers a wide variety of services, MWEB was a distant second with just 11.7% of the votes. Even MWEB fans must admit that’s a teeny number compared to Afrihost’s massive 30.4% share.

We think it’s Afrihost’s constant marketing and social media presence, its openness and its communication with its customer base by any and all digital means available to it along with its legendary customer service that keep people coming back and switching. They’re not perfect, looking at certain online forums with vocal Afrihost-haters, but they’re certainly trying.

Free basic 1GB data accounts, competitive pricing on its capped and uncapped ADSL services and now a slew of fibre options to choose from at attractive prices show a willingness to innovate and compete with the best of them. No wonder our readers like them so much.

[su_box title=”Votes” box_color=”#f37021″]
Percentage of votes: 30.4%
Runners-up: Telkom (14.6%), MWEB (11.7%)[/su_box]

Journalist’s choice

I am genuinely surprised my own personal favourite ISP, Vox Telecom, only scored 7.7% of the votes. As I am an ADSL customer, I was only too happy to see Vox offer a crazy special of 75GB + 75GB for R164, and then increase that cap TWICE (with data rollover) since I got the account. I now pay R164 for 400GB of ADSL data, showing exactly how aggressive Vox can be when you catch them on the right day.


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