Garnet's Gauntlets from Steven Universe

You can 3D print Garnet’s Gauntlets from Steven Universe

In December of last year we brought you the story of 3D Central and their multiple free designs which let you 3D print your own weapons from Steven Universe, and now we have a new addition to the arsenal.

Due to popular demand the team has recreated Garnet’s Gauntlets from the show. They’re not articulated and can’t be worn as gauntlets, but a cavity on the inside as well as a handle allow you to still slip them over your hands.

Another clever feature is the segmented way these were printed, negating the need to do any painting. As long as you have red, black and yellow filament to print the corrected segments, you’ll just need to glue everything together.

The finished gauntlets measure in at seven and a half inches (~19cm) tall and will definitely look the part for cosplay purposes.

You can download the files needed to 3D print them for free from MyMiniFactory. 

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