Destiny 2 announced by Bungie

Destiny 2 has been confirmed

If you’re a South African resident – and if you’re reading this, why wouldn’t you be – we’re going to assume that occasionally, you’re in the same position we are when it comes to keeping up with announcements from Stateside games companies.

If you’re not, we congratulate you on your dedication and good luck with that insomnia.

To wit, if you’re pouring a coffee and shaking the sleep off right now, you may be interested to know that last night, Bungie announced a sequel to its FPS/MMO Destiny. Check it out:

At this point ‘Destiny’ and ‘Bungie’ need no explanation. By last count, over 16 million players have registered accounts and Bungie reports that at least 3.2 million players log into the game every day. When it was released back in 2014 the game became something of a benchmark for MMO/FPS hybrids.

It’s been rumoured for a while that Destiny would be receiving a sequel. As Kotaku reported last week, an Italian videogame retailer leaked a poster for the game that looked genuine and which also included a release date for it – 8th September this year. Bungie didn’t respond for comment at the time, so it’s nice to have the official confirmation from the Bellevue developer.

As the report notes, it’s unclear whether 8th September is the European or global date for Destiny 2’s planned release; videogames come out on Tuesdays in the States and Fridays in Europe, so it’s possible that the Yanks may be able to purchase a copy before it lands in European sales racks.

What we do know is that Destiny 2 will be landing on PS4, Xbox One and – yes! – PC. However, it seems that the franchise’s life will end on previous generation consoles. Sorry PS3 and Xbox 360 owners, it may be time for that upgrade. You knew it was inevitable.


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