Destiny: Age of Triumph – New Raid Gear, Exotics and More

Fans of Destiny will be glad to know that Bungie have finally revealed all the content that their upcoming update to the game has to offer.

Destiny: Age of Triumph will be a free update for those that own Destiny: Rise of Iron and it brings a hefty amount of changes to the game, most notably older Raids being scaled differently and new armour sets to collect.

Check out the launch trailer below:

Bungie have also uploaded their livestream discussing all of the new content in far greater detail to their YouTube channel. The video is quite long though so a handy summary has been provided below.

Too-Long-Won’t-Watch Mission Brief
  • Each Raid will drop iconic legendary Weapons and Armor up to maximum Light
  • Elemental Primary Weapons are making a comeback as Exotic Adept Weapons
  • Every set of Raid Armor can be augmented with new Ornament Tokens
  • Ornament Tokens and Adept Exotics drop from Challenges in Weekly Featured Raids
  • Treasure of Ages boxes will include new Chroma Armor
  • More fine-tuning for the combat sandbox is on the way!


With Destiny 2 release date rumours floating around, the Age of Triumph seeks to keep current fans busy while they eagerly await the next iteration in the franchise. And yes, Fatebringer is back as an exotic weapon!


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