Map Monday: The Evolution of the Web

Yesterday the world wide web celebrated 28 years since Sir Tim Berners-Lee, commonly known as the “father of the web”, first submitted his original proposal for what would be an idea that would change the world forever.

Ten years after that, we’d already seen the emergence and growth of Internet Explorer, Opera Mini and HTML 4, while today, the web is full of endless new systems, innovations and technologies.

To remind us how far the web has come, we take a look back at a website called “The Evolution of the Web” created by a team from Google Chrome which visualises milestones in the launch of browsers, technologies and the growth of the internet.

The color bands in the timeline represent the interaction between web technologies and browsers, which brings to life the many powerful apps that we use daily.

What’s interesting to note is how close together the colours and lines become in 2008 and afterwards, compared to the years from 1990 leading up until then, which shows just how rapid tech has progressed in the current millennium.

The timeline only goes up to 2012 when the last version was updated and we can only imagine what it would look like were 2013 – 2016 to be added.

Check The Evolution of the Web out on its website.

[Image – CC 0 geralt]


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