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A weapon to surpass Metal Gear: 3D print your own REX

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What’s better than 3D printing your own Metal Gear REX? 3D Printing one that’s articulated too.

This design comes to us from maker Morgan Morey who states that making his own REX has been a dream for him since playing the game on the PlayStation 1. Now with modelling software and the cheap Startt printer, he’s managed to do it.

The scale model moves thanks to a variety of ball and socket joints. Morey  suggest printing it a bit bigger than he did so you can appreciate all the detail and to print the joints first so you can test them before doing the larger parts.

You can find the files to make your own REX over on MyMiniFactory.

You can see the finished model in the gallery below. We hope it gets more finishing work and a paint job in the future.

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Clinton Matos

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