Make your own Bastion from Overwatch out of laser cut wood

While we’ve featured a lot of Overwatch 3D prints in the past, we haven’t touched laser cut wood figures before, so let’s change that with this fantastic Bastion design.

This comes to us from Thingiverse user Jacques Cartier. While you may know Thingiverse as a sharing site intended for 3D prints, it also has a large userbase dedicated to laser cutting and the files you need for the machines. Cartier is one of those users, and he’s submitted some other great designs in the past, such as this Tiger tank and this periscope.

Back to Bastion, though, and you’ll find a model around 12 centimetres tall made of of three millimetre planks. The unbalanced design thanks to the large gatling gun means that your model may not stand on its own, and there’s no articulation, so keep that in mind if you make your own.

To get started you’ll need the free files from Thingiverse. Make sure you also check out this interactive 3D model that allows you to see the completed build as well as isolate and hide indivual parts so you can see how the assembly works.

If you don’t have  a machine that can cut wood using the files, check out the schematic in the gallery above. If you have the time and patience you could manually cut out the pieces yourself.

And if you’re in the mood for a 3D print instead, there’s scale models available for both the regular and tank configurations of Bastion.


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