Destiny 2 will reward veteran Destiny 1 players

Bungie have announced that they will be rewarding Destiny 1 veterans when they pick up Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 will continue to make use of the emblem system and players that have reached a specific rank in Destiny 1’s “Age of Triumph” record book will unlock special emblems to use in the sequel.

Bungie have confirmed that there are seven veteran emblems available in Destiny 2 but not every player will be able to earn all of them due to their unlock requirements. In other words, players would have needed to play Destiny 1 in order to earn the following emblems, but the emblems won’t be available in Destiny 2 until you log in with the same ID you used in Destiny 1 after meeting the below requirements.

The first two emblems displayed above are exclusively for players that joined Destiny in Year 1. The first one is for players that have completed any of the “Moments of Triumph” in Year 1 while the bottom one is for those who completed all of them during Year 1. This makes these emblems all the more valuable since if you didn’t do all that before the deadline in 2015, there is no way you’ll be able to get these two emblems.

The next set of emblems are for Destiny 2 Year 2 players. This follows the pattern of the first two emblems with the top one being a reward for completing any Year 2 moment of triumph and the bottom one for completing the entire Year 2 set of moment of triumphs. This unfortunately means that if you didn’t purchase The Taken King expansion DLC and if you didn’t do the moments of triumph in 2016, you would have missed out on the requirements for these emblems.

The last three which can be viewed above are still up for grabs until August 1 2017. The top one is for reaching Rank 2 in the Year 3 “Age of Triumph” record book while the middle one is for reaching Rank 7 in it. Considering some of the tasks required by the Year 3 record book, achieving rank 7 is something only the Destiny 1 elite would possibly be able to achieve. The final emblem is not an easy unlock either since its requirements are a Grimoire score of 5000 or more. Grimoire score is racked up by completing in-game actions such as defeating multiple enemies of the same type, collecting exotic weapons, completing strikes etc.

This isn’t all that Bungie has planned for Destiny 1 veterans that purchase and play Destiny 2 though. Bungie’s Destiny 2 community manager, David “Deej” Dague, stated that

Some of the ways in which we’ll tip our hat to your legacy in Destiny 2, and some of the ways you’ll be able to show all the young pups that you’d become legend long before they were ever reborn in the Cosmodrome, are best left for you to experience for yourself”

“Others are little touches that will fall snuggly into the realm of ‘you just had to be there.’ We’re not going to spoil them for you right here and right now.”

There hasn’t been any confirmation from Bungie with regards to importing console accounts to the PC version of Destiny 2 so console players that make the switch to PC later this year may not be able to earn the above emblems.

A Pre-order closed Beta for the console versions will launch next month followed by an open beta directly afterwards. PC players will have a Beta in August 2017.

Destiny 2 will release on the 6th of September 2017 on PS4 and Xbox One and on PC on the 24th of October 2017.


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