Today’s Google Doodle will unleash your inner musician

Had he still been alive today, German artist, filmmaker and musician Oskar Fischinger,would be celebrating his 117th birthday today and Google is celebrating the occasion with a highly addictive Doodle.

To describe it as simply as possible, the Doodle resembles FL Studio, only this is entirely web-based and rather limited in its functionality. Like FL Studio, to create music, you assign sounds to blocks and play them back.

Users can select from four instruments to create music of their own along with animations in a similar vein to the creations of Fischinger.

You can watch an example of Fischinger’s work in the video below.

Users can change the tempo and key of their tunes as well as add effects such as a delay to change things up a bit.

Once you’re done composing you can move your mouse away and both listen to the song and enjoy the visuals without having to animate them by hand as Fischinger did back in his day.

You can listen to my own cacophony by heading to this link and then clicking on the Doodle.

Once you’ve cringed into your skin, why not try your hand at making sweet music and sharing with us on Twitter or Facebook.

And no cheating, we know that Google has included examples of what can be done, and yes they are better than our example. We’re writers not musicians, after all.


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