SNES Mini Classic Arrives in September

SNES Classic Mini pre-orders are being scalped

If you’re a Nintendo fanboy (or girl) in the market for a SNES Mini Classic, we have some rather bad news: console pre-orders are being scalped.

“What does this mean?” we hear you ask. Well, according to a report on Gizmodo, demand for the SNES Mini Classic in the UK is so high, pre-orders have completely sold out. In the wake of this, some business-savvy individuals have started selling their pre-orders on ebay at pretty eye-watering mark-ups.

The SNES Mini Classic’s RRP is $80. Prices on ebay are ranging between $250 and $300. One soul is selling their’s at $389.99. Just to put that into perspective, a console that should cost in the region of R 1040 is now being sold at around R5 000. That price incidentally is not far off the local cost for a brand new Nintendo Switch.

This problem isn’t affecting our cousins in the US as pre-orders aren’t open currently – consumers can only sign up for availability notifications – and it isn’t a local problem yet, as it’s unclear as to whether the SNES Mini Classic will be sold in South Africa. (We reached out to Nintendo’s local distributors yesterday and apparently they’re still waiting for information on local availability).

But it doesn’t bode well for anyone who would like to get a SNES Mini Classic without having to sell a kidney.

The reason this seems to be happening is that the SNES Mini is most likely to end up being a collector’s item. While Nintendo stated it will ship more units than the NES Mini Classic, it hasn’t given out any hard numbers. The fear is that the SNES Mini will follow the NES Classic in being discontinued and right now, some have seen fit to cash in on that concern.

You could call that entrepreneurial. You could also call it exploitative.



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