This 3D printed Phaser Rifle from Star Trek is no scale model

We’ve featured 3D prints of scaled down Star Trek spaceships in the past, but today we have a full size 1:1 weapon prop to look at.

Maker Ron Goldberg has recreated the Mark III Phaser Rifle with intricate detail, as well as the option to turn your static prop into something more. Lights and sound can be added thanks to cavities inside of the model, and they could even be wired up to the trigger which is spring-loaded.

This isn’t the first Phaser Rifle Goldberg has created as he released the Mark IIIb version in 2016. The YouTube channel 3D Central has a great video on that model, complete with the electronics mentioned earlier.

You can find the files for both the the Mark IIIa and  Mark IIIb over on MyMiniFactory.  Both versions took around 15 hours to print and measure in at 360 x 27 x 115 millimetres (14,1 X 1 X 4.5 inches for the yanks out there).

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