Tom Van den Bon featured on the Expresso Show for his 365 3D printing project

In April we brought you the story of maker Tom Van den Bon and his mission to create a new 3D print for every single day of 2017. We weren’t the only ones taking an interest in this unique 3D printing project, as he’s now appeared on local TV.

Last week the Expresso Show ran a short feature on Van den Bon. While you may have missed it if you you didn’t know it was airing, or you’ve ditched TV altogether like some of us in the office, no fear.

The full segment is now available (legally, we may add) on the Expresso Show YouTube channel. There’s an embedded version below which you can check out.

While it’s always cool to see someone you know personally pop up on TV, this is a great example of 3D printing becoming a bit more mainstream in South Africa.

We’re sure many viewers found out about the practice for the first time thanks to this segment, and we hope we’ll see them printing cool stuff to feature in our 3D Print of the Day series one day.

Four minutes of video are just not enough to encompass this project, so check out our full story below. It also comes with a gigantic gallery of every print Van den Bon had done at that point.


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