Destiny 2 Beta – First Impressions

The Destiny 2 Closed Beta launched on 19th July 2017 and Bungie’s servers have since been inundated with both newcomers to the franchise and veteran Destiny players alike. Players looking to get a taste of what’s to come in Destiny 2 are definitely in for a treat.

The first big change is in the story. Destiny 1 featured a story that was fragmented into grimoire cards and very little was actually explained in the main game itself. Players would have had to delve deep into the lore elsewhere to find out just exactly what was going on and why. Destiny 2 seeks to rectify this with Bungie’s cinematic lead Matthew Ward going on record stating:

We’re learning from and listening to all the feedback we got on Destiny 1, and we’re applying it. I hope people complain about how much story we have. That’d be the Reddit thread I’d like to read. ‘Too much damn story [makes angry typing gesture].’

The Destiny 2 Beta features the story mission “Homecoming”. And while it’s nowhere close to the excellence of the new Spider-Man movie it shares a name with, it sure does do a great job of introducing the game’s new antagonistic force.

The Cabal Red Legion and Dominus Ghaul make a grand entrance by assaulting the Tower and players get to experience this first hand. Bungie executed this perfectly with the entire mission playing out superbly with absolutely zero hitches or hiccups along the way. My only gripe is that it’s over far too quickly and we’re left wanting more.

Players can opt to create a new character and play through the mission again using a different class and this is something we’d suggest doing for all three classes. Playing through the mission again will allow you to use the new class supers and abilities for all three. This will ultimately help you decide for yourself which one you’d like to stick with.

The gameplay remains largely intact from Destiny 1 upon first glance, but there are numerous changes to be noted.

Destiny 2 changes the way weapons handle, how each class moves as well as their abilities and super abilities. There are new enemies to defeat too. Additionally, champion, major and ultra enemies have had an HP bar redesign which makes them far easier to identify. The game also looks visually stunning and the amount of detail put into the world is astounding.

Playing each class felt familiar but the changes make a world of difference to how they are played. The new subclasses Arcstrider (Hunter), Dawnblade (Warlock) and Sentinel (Titan) bring new abilities to the classes. Hunters can now evasively dodge, Warlocks can charge up their grenades with arcane power and Titans can shoulder bash and summon defensive shields.

Arcstrider Hunters gain access to a super that lets them wield a staff imbued with the power of lightning. Dawnblade Warlocks get a fiery sword to obliterate enemies with and lastly the Titans are able to wield a shield as a defensive super skill. The Titan’s super shield is incredibly fun to say the least. These changes also bring in strategy to the game since players will now actively be using more abilities than ever before and will have to be a lot more alert in the competitive player versus player aspect of the game.

Everything in Destiny 2 feels faster and more fluid than ever before.

The Beta is rather thin on content featuring only one story mission, one strike and two crucible maps and modes. However, it should still be enough to help both Bungie and players alike in making decisions.

Players will be able to decide if Destiny 2 is a game they’d like to invest in and Bungie will be getting extremely valuable player data from those that share their thoughts on it (not to mention all that free advertising -ed).

We personally loved every bit of the beta so far and can’t wait to see more of the game in the months leading up to its release.



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