Go a little mad over this 3D printed Psycho from Fallout 4

All your favourite drugs from Fallout 4 are being 3D printed. We first had Jet, and now Psycho.

Apparently created from scratch using the game’s files for reference, this is an impressively detailed model. The leather strap must be the most convincing part, as the paint makes it looks like the real deal, and the even the stitching has been modelled in.

The files needed to print your own can be found over on MyMiniFactory. You’ll be printing out seven parts which all slip into the sleeve which acts as a central housing.

The test print you see below, which is scaled to be in line with the game, weighs in at just over 110 grams, so you shouldn’t be using too much filament in the printing process.

The creator of this model, MyMiniFactory user Raleigh Shade has a lot of other great prints from Fallout 4 you should check out. The aforementioned Jet was made by them, but they’ve also made 1:12 scale Nuka-Cola machines, tiny laser rifles and a power armour station for your Funko Pop figurines.

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