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Lawrence of Arabia’s Jambiya knife goes from Battlefield 1 to 3D printing

The Jambiya knife seen in Battlefield 1, loosely based on a weapon used by Lawrence of Arabia, has been turned into a convincing 3D print.

While the finished print you see in the gallery below does closely resemble its depiction in the game, the overall scale and real world details are based off of the forged replica created by Man At Arms.

The knife is divided into four separate parts for easier printing and fake gemstones were added to the handle for an extra bit of decoration. The bezels for those gemstones were widened with a Dremel because they were too small, so keep that in mind if you plan on replicating this yourself.

Some gold and silver spray paint was then used to give the grey print some colour.

You can find the files to make your own Jambiya knife over on Thingiverse.

This is the second 3D print we’ve had from Battlefield 1 so far, the first being this impressive Mark V landship tank.

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