[Press Release] Eskom celebrates 67 minutes with children in Madiba’s honour

The Eskom Development Foundation hosted an event to commemorate the annual Nelson Mandela Day at Lebone Aids Care Project in Tembisa on Tuesday, 18 July 2017. The event, which was led by the Eskom’s Gauteng Operating Unit Senior Manager for Operations and Maintenance, Daphane Mokwena, was attended by Eskom executives, staff and Eskom agencies. The event was to celebrate the life of our former president and for Eskom employees and agencies to give back and mark their 67 minutes of serving others.

Established in 2004, Lebone Aids Care Project is a non-profit organisation registered with the Department of Social Development. The organisation was initially opened as a home based care programme aimed at educating the community about the HIV/Aids pandemic, its treatment and the support that its sufferers require.

The organisation saw the need to elevate its offering and create an orphans and vulnerable children’s programme after realising that infected and affected parents/guardians were unable to care and provide for their children, with some dying and leaving behind destitute orphans. Lebone now takes care of children of the affected and infected families through psychosocial skills support and ensures that their needs are met.

Late former President Nelson Mandela’s legendary love for children saw him using his influence to make life better for the little ones. To mark this year’s Mandela Day, Eskom decided to visit Lebone and spend time with the centre’s kids and officials in honour of Tata Mandela.

The Deputy Minister of Public Enterprises, Ben Martins, who was in attendance, said that like Mandela, we all have a responsibility to stand up and help improve the lives of our children.

“Mandela was a lawyer, he was passionate about education, he knew that all children should be protected. He spent many years in prison fighting for the rights of all South Africans . Today South Africa has achieved the freedom he fought for and children today all have the right to education Mandela believed in uplifting the community. He knew it was the responsibility of everyone to assist those in need. The Lebone Aids Care project heeded his call to take care of the community and today Eskom lends a hand in response to his call,” Martins said.

Giving back was the order of the day as those in attendance rolled up their sleeves to paint the walls and fix broken items like door handles and window panes. All the home’s children and caregivers were treated to a wholesome lunch with dessert as well as some gifts. All the guests brought grocery items for the centre as “entrance fee”.

“We are happy and proud to celebrate this important occasion with you. As a place that cares for others and extends the kind of kindness that uTata Mandela had, Lebone shares some of its values with Eskom. We also care about our communities and see ourselves as more than just an electricity provider. As long as we still have and show the spirit of Mandela, of caring about one another, we will guarantee a great future for our country,” said Cecil Ramonotsi, Acting CEO of the Eskom Development Foundation.

The day’s theme, ‘Smiles on faces’, was buzzing and noticeable on all the children’s faces as entertainment and fun activities were lined up for them including a treasure hunt, face painting, and jumping castle, magic show as well as a dancing and singing competition with prizes.

“The Lebone Aids Care Project offers many services for the community. We offer after school care services and help take care of children affected by HIV and AIDS. We also identify problems of the community such as incidents when a parent has no ID and the child has no birth certificate. We assist the parents to ensure they can access social grants to improve their lives,” Bongeka Manciya manager at the Lebone Aids Care Project.


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