The history of Microsoft Paint in seven minutes

Good old Microsoft Paint has been in the news lately after fears that it was being killed off

While that proved to not be true – the programme is just taking a backseat to Paint 3D – it has sparked interest in the software and fond memories many have of it.

To commemorate, the superb YouTube channel Lazy Game Reviews has put together a retrospective video chronicling Paint’s history from its inception in 1985, up until present day.

So there’s the past of Microsoft Paint, we’ll have to wait and see what happens to the beloved simple image editor in the future. We’re putting our money on it sticking around for years to come, even if people have to use outdated versions. 

If you enjoyed the video make sure you poke around the rest of Lazy Game Reviews’ channel, because there’s a lot of stuff on there that we love as long-time subscribers. More content like the video above can be found in his “LGR Tech Tales” series which is a documentary series about the sometimes bizarre tech indsutry.

Alternatively, the “LGR Thrifts” is maybe our favourite content from the channel. It’s oddly relaxing to watch a man go to thrift and goodwill stores to find cheap electronics from years past, and it’s captivating enough to binge watch.



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