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3D Print McCree’s Peacekeeper from Overwatch with the American skin

McCree’s huge revolver from Overwatch – Peacekeeper – has been turned into a 3D print a few times already, but it has never been done this patriotically.

One prop maker has created their own version of the weapon with the flamboyant American skin. Because this skin does not change the gun’s model in the game, the effect was simply achieved with some paint.

Unfortunately there is a big omission in the lack of stars and stripes which are visible on the handle. We suppose this isn’t a problem if you’re going to be holding the thing for cosplay purposes, but you’ll want to paint that in if you’re making a display piece.

To do that you’ll need the files from MyMiniFactory, and a few non-plastic parts.

The rotating cylinder which can also be popped out requires a pair of screws and a washer for the movement, and a magnet to keep it in place.

This print joins our long and updated list of Overwatch props where you can also find McCree’s belt buckle and flashbang grenade.

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