Become a South Park character with these 3D printed glasses

3D Printed, novelty glasses are nothing new, but this pair which apes the style of South Park characters is worthy of a mention.

Creator Lloyd Roberts states that he received a request to create the glasses from Comedy Central themselves, and he has since uploaded it to MyMiniFactory where you can grab the files for free.

The print is made up of only two files: the eyes and the pair of arms. Make sure you sand everything down if you’re planning on wearing them for any extended period of time.

To end off on a tangential note about South Park: if you’re patiently waiting for The Fractured But Whole to come out, there’s an alternative available right now in the game West of Loathing. While the humour isn’t the same and the graphics may turn a lot of people off, it really scratches the itch The Stick of Truth created for a genuinely funny, turn-based RPG.

Credit: User Skitchen on MyMiniFactory
Credit: User Skitchen on MyMiniFactory
Credit: Lloyd Roberts on MyMiniFactory

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