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Forget growing, you can 3D print the Saibamen from Dragon Ball Z

3D Prints from Dragon Ball Z cover many of the main characters and even locations such as Kame House, but there’s always room for less-popular elements of the shows to get the same treatment.

Freelance artist Eugenio Fructuoso has turned the short-lived Saibamen into accurate 3D prints. The scale model comes out in two pieces which need to be joined together and then painted. Even though the Saibamen are mostly one colour, the paint job here is superb.

The lower section also comes attached to a simple base so there’s no wobbling issues.

You can find the files to make your own over on Thingiverse. They come with supports created in Meshmixer (you can see them in the blue renders below) so printing should be an easy affair even if you plan to increase the scale.

If you’re a fan of this, Fructuoso promises that it’s only the first in a series of Dragon Ball Z characters he’s going to be uploading. If you want to catch them as they come out make sure you follow his Thingiverse account.

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