Forget the official Overwatch statue, 3D print your own Tracer miniature

Tracer is one of the most beloved characters from Overwatch, so it’s no surprise that she gets so much love from the maker community too.

The newest creation based off of Tracer is this exquisitely detailed scale model created by Morgan Morey known as “Printed Obsession” online. You may be familiar with that name name for his Heath ledger’s Joker and Diablo busts.

Aside from the painstaking detail work on show here, the model also comes with a stand based off of the Overwatch logo, which was also seen in the official model of Tracer as well as Soldier: 76 from the Collector’s Edition of the game.

If you want to make your own go to MyMiniFactory where you’ll find the files free to download.

For those interested in how this model was made, Morey streamed the process over on Twitch. The two streams total around five hours, to give you an idea of how much effort went into this.

For more Overwatch 3D prints make sure you check out our exhaustive list which we’ve been updating for almost a year now.

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