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From wasteland to 3D printer: Make the combat shotgun from Fallout 4

We’ve got an older print to look at today in this combat shotgun from Fallout 4, created by the talented Daniel Lilygreen.

Lilygreen has a long history of accurate 3D prints, especially from Fallout 4 where he’s replicated the combat armour, laser pistol and the Ripper to name but a few.

This design is so versatile that you can switch between printing a combat shotgun or a combat rifle thanks to the two weapons sharing so many similar parts in the game. While you’ll need to print out the 27 “base” parts, the remaining, interchangeable modules can all be mixed and matched to make any kind of prop you want.

If you’d like to try your hand at making either of these, you can find the files to do so over on MyMiniFactory.

Make sure you also check under the “Community Prints”, as a pair of users have taken a swing at their own versions since the original design was posted in February 2016. There’s this weathered and rusted version and this newer, shinier shotgun with red accents.

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