Google Doodle celebrates hip hop’s birth and turns you into the “illest” instant DJ

You can forget about getting much done today because today’s Google Doodle will have you hooked.

Google Doodles have of late become quite interesting combining interactive fun and short history lessons and today’s one is a brilliant display of this style.

Today’s one marks the 44th anniversary of the birth of hip hop and takes it all the way back to the days when Run DMC, NWA, Funk Master Flex etc ran the hip hop music scene and also turns you into an instant old school hip hop DJ.

On 11th August, 1973, an 18-year-old, Jamaican-American DJ who went by the name of Kool Herc threw a back-to-school jam in New York. During his set, he decided to do something different – instead of playing the songs in full, he played only their instrumental sections, or “breaks” – sections where he noticed the crowd went wild. During these “breaks” his friend Coke La Rock hyped up the crowd with a microphone. And with that, hip hop was born.

“Today, we celebrate the 44th anniversary of that very moment with a first-of-its-kind Doodle featuring a custom logo graphic by famed graffiti artist Cey Adams, interactive turntables on which users can mix samples from legendary tracks, and a serving of hip hop history – with an emphasis on its founding pioneers. What’s more, the whole experience is narrated by Hip Hop icon Fab 5 Freddy, former host of Yo! MTV Raps,” Google said.

For those who were around back in the 70s and 80s to experience those first years of hip hop, the Doodle is like a walk down memory lane to those days and for those who weren’t around or weren’t really into it, it opens you up to a whole new world you’ve never explored before.

Besides, who doesn’t want to play around with some turntables and create their own cool sounds?

There are ten goals to achieve in the Doodle, each teaching you a hip hop history and a new trick to use during your set (that’s what playing on turntables using different music is called) and there are lots of records with real music from the 70s you can choose from. So, you literally could spend hours perfecting your new found “skill” and share your mixes on social media when you’re done.

Below is the original Google Doodle sketch and the actual building where that first iconic party was held.

Doodle team in front of 1520 Sedgwick Ave in the Bronx (From L to R: Perla, Kevin, Pedro, David)

Happy DJ’ing!


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