Put your Raspberry Pi in this 3D printed Pac-Man case

Making a 3D printed Raspberry Pi enclosure stand out is a challenge, given the thousands of options that exist online, but this Pac-Man build by Darren Furniss is something special.

Designed to fit a Raspberry Pi 3 in the lower section, there is space for a switch that pops up in the mouth as well as ports and vents hidden around the back and sides. The intended use for the switch seems to be for power, and the files below come with a cap complete with the on / off symbol.

The case can be opened thanks to a hinge on the back and there’s even a small tray to keep spare microSD cards.

You can find the files to print your own Pac-Man enclosure over on MyMiniFactory.

You may notice a rather nice looking fight stick connected to the Pi in the gallery below. That’s also a 3D print from Furniss so consider downloading them both if you’re in need of some appropriate controls for your games.

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