Summon plastic Batman with a 3D printed Bat-Signal

In today’s edition of “I can’t believe it’s a 3D print” is this recreation of the Bat-Signal as seen in The Dark Knight Rises, summoning Batman on many a rainy night.

The reason it looks so good is because the uploader, Arquit3D, apparently spent more than 100 hours sanding and painting the print to look as convincing as possible.

This is on top of the 20 hours spent modelling it, and 65 hours actually printing the thing. That’s a lot of hours, but when you’ve created something that looks good enough to sit with models from Sideshow or Hot Toys, you know it was time well spent.

This version of the print is around 1:8 scale, and you can find the files over on Thingiverse.

To make it light up you’ll be needing some electronics and metal screws to put everything together. The version you see in the gallery below used a 1W LED powered over USB. With all that trouble, we hope Batman actually shows up when you turn it on.

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