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The curved Arakh is another Game of Thrones weapon you can 3D print

Fans continue to create and 3D print weapons from Game of Thrones, and the newest addition is the curved Arakh blade used by the Dothraki.

Looking at the pictures in the gallery below you may notice that it is not based on Khal Drogo’s version, or the expensive replica from Valyrian Steel which is usually the basis for past weapon 3D print such as Arya Stark’s sword, Needle.

Instead this print is a more common version which would be used by an average Dothraki.

The finished prop is 27″ inches (68.58cm) long and 1.2 inches (3cm) in diameter on the handle, which also features a horse head sculpt at the base.

The files to print your own can be found over on Thingiverse, and they’re sliced appropriately so you can make one on most printers. You’ll want to print in black filament and keeep some white paint on hand to do the accents. What looks to be twine is used to make a grip.

Aside from Needle mentioned above, the other weapons from Game of Thrones we’ve featured in the past include Eddard Stark’s great sword, Ice.

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