This 3D print of the SpaceX Falcon Heavy comes with the Crew Dragon

If you wanted a little bit of SpaceX in your life you could always 3D print the Falcon 9 created by MyMiniFactory user Brian Mernoff, but now you can create even more.

Mernoff has expanded on the design with an expansion kit of sorts which turns the model into a Falcon Heavy. Additionally, you can attach either the Crew Dragon capsule or a payload to the top.

The test print, which you can see in the gallery below, is around 80 centimetres tall. If you’re planning to make your own you can leave the paint behind if you happen to have black, white and grey filament.

That being said, it’s still going to be a difficult print. There are four landing leg struts on each rocket which you’ll need to print out and hinge to the bottom so that they can fold away neatly.

You’ll need the files for the Falcon 9 base model and then the expansion kit to turn it into a Falcon Heavy with the Crew Dragon capsule.

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