This 3D print turns the Nintendo Switch into an arcade cabinet

We’ve already seen a lot of great 3D prints for the Nintendo Switch, but this may be the best one yet.

This custom 3D printed enclosure turns the console into a small desktop arcade cabinet, complete with Switch insignia on the sides and a Nintendo marquee.

Far from being a glorified case or replacement for the kickstand, it comes with its own electronics hidden in the plastic.

There’s a USB-powered fan to keep the Switch cool, a USB hub and extension to plug controllers into the front of the case, and you can charge while you play thanks to a connector in the cradle.

The components used in the test print below come to $64.90 if you follow the links provided by the uploader. That doesn’t count the cost of the filament needed to print the enclosure itself, so it will be a pricier project. Make sure to shop around for cheaper components.

You can find the files to print your own Nintendo Switch arcade cabinet enclosure over on Thinverse.

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