Uber Is Banned In Italy

Police investigate suspected clash between Uber and taxi drivers in Pretoria

Violence between Uber and metered taxi drivers has erupted in Gauteng once again, within the short space of a week.

According to a report on Eyewitness News (EWN), police say they’re investigating a suspected clash took place between the two groups outside the Gautrain Station in Hatfield, Pretoria, during which a car was damaged and windshields were smashed.

“A case of malicious damage to property and intimidation was opened. So far, we’re continuing monitoring the area, no one has been arrested yet,” police spokesperson Kay Makhubele told EWN.

This is the second clash between the two groups to occur this month. Last week, three vehicles were set on fire outside the Gauteng Station in Sandton and police were called in to stop an altercation between Uber drivers and metered taxi drivers from escalating.

Just yesterday Uber sent out a petition for its customers to sign, urging the authorities to take more effective measures to prevent violence against its drivers. Since contacting police and the Department of Transport about intimidation against its drivers, Uber says it has recorded 200 incidents of harassment.

Uber says that while the relevant bodies have made all the right noises, condemning the intimidation of Uber drivers, they haven’t really done anything to halt the violence aimed at them.

Transport Minister Joe Maswanganyi visited the scene of the attacks in Sandton recently and has warned both Uber and metered taxi drivers that the government will not tolerate lawlessness.

[Source: EWN]


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